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Egg Freezing News, Data, etc

Egg Freezing News, Data, etc

The Pill of the New Millennium?

February 17, 2017

The State of Egg Freezing: A Decade in Review Olivia Munn, Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian have done it.  The Mindy Project featured it in season four.  Google keyword searches have increased 900% since 2012.  Even tech darlings, Apple and Facebook, have jumped on the bandwagon offering it as a health benefit for female employees. Egg…

Egg Freezing News, Data, etc

Estate Planning for Egg Freezing: Legal Questions Every Woman Needs to Consider Before Freezing

June 1, 2016

Eggsurance first interviewed Carole M. Bass, a partner at Moses & Singer LLP in 2012.  Over the past four years, the egg freezing landscape has dramatically changed.  Bass, an expert on cutting-edge estate planning issues involving the use of assisted reproductive technology, explains what every woman should consider and document prior to freezing her eggs or…

Egg Freezing News, Data, etc

10 Things You Should Know About OHSS

April 30, 2016

What is OHSS? According to the ASRM, “Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS) is an exaggerated response to ovulation induction therapy. OHSS is a self-limiting disorder that usually resolves spontaneously within several days, but may persist for longer durations.” OHSS is basically an adverse reaction to those stim meds that are pumping through your body and making your ovaries…

Egg Freezing News, Data, etc

Eggsurance Relaunch

April 29, 2016

Meet the New Eggsurance New content, new look – meet the brand spanking new Eggsurance! The world of egg freezing has transformed since I launched the site in the spring of 2012: ASRM lifted egg freezing’s experimental label Facebook & Apple now pay for egg freezing Egg freezing demographics shifted from age 38< to the 35< range…

Egg Freezing News, Data, etc

You Rock Sheryl!

October 15, 2014

Dear Sheryl, Of course, Facebook was one of the two first companies to offer financial assistance for egg freezing! You’ve been there. You know what it is like to finish college, venture into the workforce, go back to grad school, build a career, meet a mate, rise up the ranks, build a nest egg, get married,…

Egg Freezing News, Data, etc

Freeze Your Eggs, Free Your Career

April 18, 2014

Well, as you can see, I have taken a hiatus from Eggsurance.  I started a new job and have been immersed in learning a new industry, team and city.  Apologies for the lapse in blogging, case studies, interviews and overall site maintenance.  I promise to get better. I was interviewed by Businessweek for an article on…

Egg Freezing News, Data, etc

Cancer & Fertility Preservation

August 22, 2013

My friend Alice is in labor right now.  She’s a breast cancer survivor and founder of Fertile Action, a cancer charity working to ensure fertile women touched by the disease can become mothers.  Dante, her soon-to-be son, is the result of embryos Alice froze prior to undergoing chemotherapy. Alice’s story reminds me that there are so…

Egg Freezing News, Data, etc

New Statistics: Live Birth Rate Tied to Age

June 22, 2013

In May, for the first time, Fertility and Sterility published research data from a New York Medical College and the University of California Davis meta-analysis on egg freezing cycles.  The researchers used patient data from January 1996 to July 2011 to report the probability of live-births from IVF cycles with ICSI using eggs frozen by both…