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My Journey Part 2: Getting Pregnant

Egg Math: From 11 Eggs to 1 Embryo

January 31, 2017

Eyes Wide Open When I froze my eggs I knew that there were no guarantees.  I went in with my eyes wide open fully aware of the risks, as well as the lack of data, for a procedure that was at the time still  “experimental.”  I agreed to the odds, anyway.  In retrospect, over the five…

My Journey Part 1: Freezing

Using my frozen eggs

January 9, 2013

When I froze my eggs one year ago I was often asked, “so, when are you going to use them.”  I felt this was a bit intrusive.  After all, I froze my eggs to give myself some time.  I needed time to see if I would find a partner.  I needed time to understand if I…